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I am a slave to my HomeSwimmer. I love it and can't imagine how I would train in my itty bitty pool without it! I put on a snorkel (so I don't have to bother with breathing) and just plow along for 30 minutes. No turning, no watching for obstacles, just exercise! I hardly know I'm wearing the Swimmer.

- C. Ritchey, TX 

I just wanted to let you know that I received your product and I LOVE it!  It’s just what I was looking for – easy to use and a tough workout. Thanks so much!

- H. Chalcraft, AZ 

Thanks again for all of your help.  I got the gift pack.  Thank you for that as well.  I have to say that I have been very pleased with my new HomeSwimmer system.  I like the product and the customer service has been awesome.

- A. Washmera, CA 

Wow, what a pleasant surprise your instructions were incredibly straightforward and it literally took me less than a minute to put my HomeSwimmer system together. I had my doubts on how the system would perform as the videos never showed anyone swimming for a considerable length of time.  But when I started swimming I was amazed.  I thought this can’t be.  First I tried Freestyle, fantastic; then Breast stroke, again outstanding; Butterfly, perfect!

Thanks to my purchase of the HomeSwimmer, my investment of less than $100 is going to save me $35,000 from not having to extend the length of my pool.  In a day and age when most products don’t live up to their advertising this one by far and away has exceeded all expectations.

Thanks guys for making a great product. Don’t try to reach me tomorrow at 7AM – I’ll be in the pool getting a great workout with my HomeSwimmer system!

- G. Uribe, PR 

I just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with your product!  It is a wonderful addition to my training, and is saving me both time and money from having to go to a pool facility to do lap training.  Also, it allows me to swim according to my schedule, and, all in the privacy of my home pool!  I would wholeheartedly recommend your product, and in fact, have already done so to numerous friends and family. Thank you!

- M. Gauci, Canada 

Cool product. Low CRAZY price! Are you nuts?

- L. Maczik, FL 

Thank you for your great service. I truly did not expect my order to arrive in less than a week! I swim everyday now with your awesome product.

- H. Alden, Germany

I bought a HomeSwimmer System about a year ago, and I love it and use it every day.

- K. Laubach, CA 

Thank you so much, you have been of great help. Your customer service is incredible! I would not hesitate to recommend your company.

- L. Suryo, Indonesia

I bought this product when I was training for my first triathlon. I loved the idea of being able to do all my training at home without having to join a gym to just swim laps.  Your HomeSwimmer far exceeded my expectations and helped me focus on my stroke in addition to building endurance. I have already recommended it to several fellow tri-athletes!

- S. Puphal, TX 

Your HomeSwimmer works wonders…We will now only use our swim-jet to relax our muscles after a good workout with your HomeSwimmer.

- Brian & Jeanne Hatch

Before the HomeSwimmer I rarely used our pool. Now, my wife and I swim regularly.

- Don Miller, Tampa, FL

I can finally use my pool at home with HomeSwimmer. 20 minutes, 3 times a week gives me a tremendous workout that I enjoy. Great product.

- Buyer

Simple, easy, fun, a great workout. Why didn't I think of it before. Now I use my pool a few times a week. You can't go wrong for the money.

- SwimmingEddy @

This product's designers and engineers thought of everything… it's convenient, easy to assemble, lightweight and even comes with a carrying case. It attaches easily to different pools. It makes exercise in the pool much easier.

- iParenting Media Award Reviewer

I never really thought of our pool as a place to exercise. Now with the HomeSwimmer, I can’t think of a better form of exercise that is so convenient and inexpensive.

- Craig Christopher, San Antonio, TX