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Q. Will the HomeSwimmer work on an above ground pool?

Yes. The HomeSwimmer system was originally developed and throroughly tested in an above-ground pool. The Base of the system has a rubber sole for a firm and harmless grip on any surface, including a pool liner.

Q. What is the size of the Belt?

The neoprene Belt extends to a size 48. However, with the purchase of an Extension Belt, the Belt extends to a size 56.

Q. What is the minimum pool length for the HomeSwimmer to work?

We recommend a minimum of 12 feet (3,60 mts) in pool length.

Q. What are the minimum/maximum pool depths?

The fully assembled system is designed to work at pool depths of between 3.5 and 5.5 feet (1 to 1.60 mts) approx. However, for shallower pools the system may be assembled with only three of the the four Pole segments. Likewise, for deeper pools, an Extension Pole may be purchased to increase the legth of the system by an additional 2'.

Q. Where can I anchor the system and how long is the Strap?

The system may be anchored by tying the Strap to any fixated (tree, pole, fence, etc) or heavy (large yard umbrella, yard table, etc) object adjacent to the pool. The system may also be anchored in the grass/ground by using the steel Stake included in the box. The Anchoring Strap is adjustable to a maximum length of 12' (3.6 mts). However, for longer distances to an anchoring point, the Strap may be extended with a rope or an additional Strap.