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Will Training with a Stationary Swim Belt Reap Benefits for Baseball, Football and Basketball Players?

Posted by Madwriter on

Swimming tends to be categorized as a unique method for training in part because of how the environment affects your body. For example, coordination in the water takes a whole different set of skills than coordination on dry land. But many athletes wonder if swimming training will benefit them for the land games they play. Will training with a stationary swim belt reap benefits for baseball, football and basketball players? Indeed, and here are a few reasons land-based athletes should train in the pool.

The goal of swim training is not to excel in the pool, but rather to discover an aquatic exercise that will supplement an athletes land training. One primary benefit associated with swimming is it offers a low-impact workout, this is ideal for those athletes who may be nursing injuries. An athlete battling chronic pain can get a more intense workout in the water because it better protects joint and muscle injury.

Another benefit of swim training is in breath control. When performing exercise with limited air, your lung capacity will increase, positively affecting your performance out of the water. The best athletes can spike their heart rate then lower it rather quickly, this is a trait that swimming exposes very well.

Though swimming is considered almost purely cardiovascular in nature, it does place value on body strength. For every stroke in the pool, you gain greater range of motion in your shoulders, torso and hips. Swimming demands core stability and incorporates your entire body, thus improving overall strength.

Swimming exposes your strengths, works the entire body and increases your range of motion. You might want to consider adding it your training regime.