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Why Would You Wear A Cap While Using The HomeSwimmer Stationary Harness?

Posted by HomeSwimmer on

As a fan of swimming, we are sure that you have noticed swimmers wearing a swim cap. It’s so common to see swimmers in swim caps that we tend to forget why they are used in the first place. Why would you want to go through the trouble of wearing a swim cap while using your Home Swimmer, the stationary swim harness?

Protects your hair

Whether you have long hair or short, a swim cap is a great way to protect your hair from the harsh chemicals that are in the pool. It’s an old wives tale that chlorine has the ability to turn light hair green but it definitely has the ability to dry out your hair. With a swim cap, your hair will stay dry (for the most part) and protected. Plus, it keeps it from getting too tangled.

Keep hair out of face

When you have long hair are are trying to swim, it is hard to see and perform the correct strokes. A swim cap helps hold your hair back and out of your face. If you cannot have the perfect form while you are swimming, you will not be able to get the speed that you want (or the resistance if you are on the HomeSwimmer).

Reduced resistance

Hair creates resistance that you do not want if you are going for speed. When you have a swim cap pressed against your scalp, the water has an easier time moving around your body.

The next time you step into your pool to use your swimming tether from HomeSwimmer, think about adding a swim cap to your practice. We promise that you will be grateful you did.