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Why HomeSwimmer Is the Best Stationary Swimming Harness

Posted by HomeSwimmer on

When you type stationary swimming harness into a search engine, you have your choice of products.This blog is dedicated to giving you reasons why the HomeSwimmer is a better buy for you than all of those others. We will keep the identities hidden so that you can make a fair decision.


There are similar products out there where the cords tethering you to the edge of the pool are wrapped around your ankles. While this is great if you are looking for an arm workout, you cannot work out your legs when you have straps around your ankles. The pull of the tethers will hold your feet underwater.


Other companies want you to spend an arm and a leg to buy their product then it turns out that you don’t have everything that you need to exercise. With HomeSwimmer, we guarantee that you will get everything you need in one order.


We saw in our last blog that the HomeSwimmer has six simple steps and those steps will only take about 3 minutes to complete. Other brands have 5 pages of instructions. That is just not our style.


Some of the other swim harnesses have to be installed on an underground pool. With the HomeSwimmer, it can be placed in both above and below ground pools, which makes it even better.

Most importantly, the HomeSwimmer is only $84.99, all the time! Why would you pay more for anything else. Shop now and get your HomeSwimmer today.