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Where You Can Take Your Swim Harness

Posted by HomeSwimmer on

Now that you have decided to get your very own stationary swimming system, you will want to use it everyday (we would say all day but we thought maybe that was pushing it). But sometimes you are not home and you want to go swimming because you ate that gigantic meal for lunch. The best thing about the HomeSwimmer is that it is portable and can be set up in about three minutes.

Business trip/vacation

When you go out of town for any reason, you will have to most likely stay at a hotel. If you are lucky, that hotel will have a pool but it will probably be a small pool that doesn’t go over 4 feet deep for safety reasons. How is anyone supposed to get any exercise in a pool that is only 10 feet long? When you bring HomeSwimmer with you, you will be able to set up in a corner of the pool and go to town.

Neighbors/neighborhood pool

Maybe you don’t have a pool in your backyard. HomeSwimmer is great to take with you when you borrow your neighbor's pool or head to the neighborhood pool down the street. As we stated before, you can set up HomeSwimmer in only 3 minutes and it can be attached to any anchoring point near the pool. It comes with a stake so you can dig it into the ground for support.

We are sure that you can think of many more places to take your new HomeSwimmer. Wherever you choose to do your exercise, we hope that you take your stationary swimmer with you so that you can do what you love; swim!