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What Is The Ideal Water Temperature In The Pool

Posted by HomeSwimmer on

When you are using your HomeSwimmer stationary swimming harness, you are most likely going to be in your own pool. This means that you are in complete control of the chemicals in the water and the temperature. Believe it or not, there is a perfect water temperature that will allow you to perform at your best depending on what you are trying to accomplish. We thought that we would share with you what those temperatures are so that you can be well informed and know where to set your pool temperature.


According to USA Swimming, the group that trains and supports our Olympic swimming hopefuls, if you are competing or training you will want to have your pool set at a cooler temperature than average. Athletes typically like the water in the pool to be about 82 degrees fahrenheit. For adult lap swimming, it is recommended that the pool be set in the high 70s to low 80s.


When we are first learning to swim in the local neighborhood pool, chances are that the pool was set in the mid- to upper 80s. This is because most people find this temperature to be comfortable. This temperature is recommended for anything from lap swimming to diving to water-walking. It is important to note here that the outside air should be cooler than the water so it is easier to breathe when you’re exercising.

Warmer water also has a therapeutic atmosphere to it as well. It can help relax muscles and reduce joint pain just as well as applying a heating pad on the area. Warmer water also encourages blood flow.

So depending on what you are doing in the water with your stationary swimming harness, you need to have the water at the perfect temperature. We hope this helped inform you.