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The Swim Harness that's the Perfect Partner!

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When it comes to fitness in the sport of swimming, it ranks near the top when compared to the next 50 popular sports. It takes the entire body to swim, not to mention the physics of it, which entails the amount of force needed to swim through water at fast speeds. Are you an aspiring swimmer and want to become an athlete of this sport in a much more advanced manner? Well, there’s nothing better than having a partner that pushes you to become better, which is what our swim harness does!

Our home swimmer system has many advantages and supportive perks:

  1. The spring provides a great amount of variable resistance
  2. It helps swimmers of different strengths find their perfect resistance for improving strength
  3. The top lift provides beneficial up-lift pull lift movements
  4. The sliding loop will slide into position to help optimize stability
  5. It can be anchored at any point around the edge of the pool
  6. It has a very comfortable neoprene belt
  7. The belt was designed and made for a very comfortable swimming experience
  8. It has a strong base with a strong rubber sole
  9. Its four aluminum poles are 21” in height
  10. Its four aluminum poles are made from high-grade electroplated aluminum
  11. Its well-made nylon straps can be adjusted
  12. Its nylon straps can be secured, hooked and tied to the anchoring points
  13. It has a very sturdy and strong base with a rubber sole
  14. Its durable base helps provide a firm underwater grip on any type of surface

What an amazing swim harness, right!

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