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The Stationary Swimming Harness

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If you have a pool you know how wonderful it is to take a dip whenever you have the urge. On a hot day, being able to go swimming after a long day is the best feeling you can feel. But what if you’re one of the millions of people in the world that have a pool but it’s too small to do much actual swimming? HomeSwimmer has just the thing for you! Our HomeSwimmer stationary swimming system allows you to swim in a pool that was not created for swimming.

The HomeSwimmer tether helps you practice your swimming techniques without having to travel down a 25 meter pool. The tethering system attaches to the edge of any pool and held in place with a stake in the ground. The spring cord that connects to the stake allows you to pull with all your might and still stay in place. Then you connect the strap to the belt that you wrap around your stomach and you are on your way.

The HomeSwimmer stationary swimming harness is lightweight and can be taken and used at any pool that you have access to. If you are traveling and staying at a hotel, you can take the harness. It is less than 5 pound and easy to install. If you are an active person on the go, HomeSwimmer is the perfect traveling companion. The resistance swimming system is award winning device and will help you get some low impact exercise while you are on the move. Get yours today!