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The Easiness of our Stationary Swim Belt

Posted by Eduardo Berdegue on

The vigorous pursuit of becoming a better swimmer is one of the hardest things someone can try and do for themselves. Whether this enthusiastic endeavor is meant to be for advancing one's swimming skills for pure enjoyment or for a race, we have the very thing needed to add strength while staying lean. Since muscles are heavy, most avid swimmers prefer to stay quite lean while still having toned muscles at the same time. In order to achieve this endeavor, lots of practice in the pool is required. However, for most people that want that extra little kick while they’re swimming, they have a stationary swim belt they can acquire from us.

We have developed and designed our stationary swim belt with quite a few things in mind. One being that we wanted it to be portable, so that swimmers could take it with them, from their home pool to the gym pool to a hotel pool, all while being easily set up and broken down. Plus, we designed it to require no tools while being set up or taken down, no to mention the need for zero changes to be made to any pool settings. Easiness was our primary concentration when designing this useful tool. Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor pool, we have the stationary swim belt that can be used for either one.

No matter what type of proficiency level you are, you'll love the fact that this will be your best buddy. It’ll help you develop those small muscles that provide the biggest impact when swimming vigorously. Coast Guard swimmers find this to be one of the most beneficial tools they've ever used, as it has helped them to develop the muscles they need when they swim in the ocean. All you have to do is place the system inside a pool and fashion it to an anchoring point, then attach the belt and straps and begin your swimming practice.