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Steps to Statically Swim

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The variable resistance that you’ll experience and be able to manipulate yourself with this stationary swim belt, makes it all the more advantageous for you. So regardless of what type of strength or power you have as a swimmer right now, our system will provide you with a level of resistance that will best suit your personal needs. 

There is a top loop on the top of the belt that provides an up-lift pull that is simultaneously snug and comfortable. Adjusting the nylon straps with just a couple of hooks is made to be extremely easy and accessible when needed. This belt is made out of neoprene, which provides a swimming experience like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Here are a few steps and suggestions we have for you when assembling this homeswimmer, putting on the belt, and then swimming:

  • Take your hands and use the pieces given in order to effectively put-together the pole
  • After you’ve finished putting the pole together, make sure you then attach the pole to the base
  • Nextly, you’ll attach the heavy-duty straps to the pole in a firm manner
  • After fashioning it together with the previous 3 steps, you’ll already be able to drop it into the pool
  • Anchoring it to the side of the pool is next, which is really easy to perform
  • After you’ve set it in its desired position, just strap yourself into it and start your swimming workout

This is truly how simple and how unique or product is… so enjoy!