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​Our Swim Harness Can be Assembled and Ready to Go in Just a Mere Three Minutes

Posted by Madwriter on

Our swim harness can be assembled and ready to go in just a mere three minutes. This statement got us thinking, so we came up with a list of things you can do in three minutes. We just want to point out that there really isn’t a whole lot you can actually accomplish within this short time frame.

It takes three minutes to unsubscribe to that annoying e-newsletter you receive every day in your email but never actually read. And to think it only took a second to subscribe to it in the first place.

It takes three minutes to vacuum just one room. Now, we aren’t talking your living room or even your dining room, we mean it takes three minutes to vacuum one of your small bedrooms. And that doesn’t include moving anything.

It will take you three minutes to transfer three dollars from your savings account to your checking account. Of course, this will be done online as going to the actual bank will take much, much longer.

It takes three minutes to brush your teeth. Factor in flossing and gargling with mouthwash and the whole ordeal will take twice as long.

It will take about three minutes to empty your dishwasher. Of course, it will take an added five minutes to put everything away.

It only takes three minutes to delete all the apps you don’t use off your iPhone. However, it takes up to an hour just to find out how to delete them.

As you can clearly see, there is very little you can actually do in three minutes. But it is all the time you need to install your Home Swimmer.