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More Benefits To Swimming

Posted by HomeSwimmer on

In our last blog, we went over some of the more obvious reasons that swimming is good for you. In this blog, we want to discuss other benefits that you may not have considered.

Mental Benefits

In the last blog, we touched on the topic of being able to think while swimming. This is a major benefit for some folks. Swimming after a long day at work helps relieve tension and stress and it also helps get out some aggression that you have built up throughout the day. The methodical repetition of swimming has a calming effect in of itself. It can help so much that you forget that you are actually swimming because you are able to think about other things at the same time. Swimming, like working out at a gym, require dedication and commitment that will not only make you feel better physically but also emotionally. Working out creates endorphins, a chemical in your brain, which causes you to be happier and allows for better self esteem.


Considering the amount of money that is spent doing other workout regimens, swimming is relatively inexpensive. If you already have a pool, then you don’t have to buy a membership to a pool or a gym with one in it. Other than access to a pool, the only thing that you need to purchase is a suit and some goggles. If you really want to look like a professional swimmer, you could spend the extra $5 on a cap but it is not required. The price of the swimsuit is up to you. You can buy a cheaper one at Walmart, or you can head to your local sporting goods store and spend upwards of $100 on a professional suit. How much you spend is entirely up to you.


This one is probably obvious now that you are thinking about it, but swimming is one of the safer exercises that can be done. Swimmers aren’t going to be hit by a car or be alone in the dark somewhere that is unfamiliar. They won’t be chased by a dog while out running. Unless you aren’t a good swimming (usually there are lifeguards on duty to increase safety), you are going to make it to the end of your workout. It is also safer physically. If you are trying to get into shape after being sedentary for some time, swimming gives you the same workout without risking hurting your body because of the weightlessness when you are in the pool. You can do a harder workout and lose more calories by swimming than you can when your body is taking a pounding on land.

All of these amazing benefits are good reasons to get you into a pool. And with a stationary swimming system like HomeSwimmer, you can swim anywhere you want, whether it is in your backyard, at the neighborhood pool or at the hotel pool while you are away on business or vacation. Pick one out for yourself today!