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If You Desire to Swim, But Your Pool is Too Small to do Laps, Then Consider Our Swim Harness as an Alternative

Posted by Madwriter on

Swimming can offer anyone at any age a generous range of health benefits. One of the bigger benefits swimming holds over other forms of exercise is the fact it gives you all the workout minus the damaging impacts. And if you desire to swim, but your pool is too small to do laps, then consider our swim harness as an alternative.

Swimming is indeed the fountain of youth as studies have indicated those who swim regularly have a 50 percent lower death rate than non-swimmers. With stunning numbers like that, it is of no surprise why swimming has become so attractive.

You can get a great workout for your body in a pool without the negative impact on your muscles and bones. When you are submerged just to your waist, your body is bearing only half your weight. Slide all the way up to your neck, and the water bears 90 percent of your body weight. If you are overweight or suffer from arthritis, swimming is an excellent way to exercise pain free.

Nobody is completely immune to the negative effects that stress causes in our lives. Swimmers benefit from the feel-good chemicals that are released when taking to the water. In fact, swimming brings on the same relaxation responses that people who practice yoga enjoy. Think about it; when swimming, you are stretching muscles, taking deep and rhythmic breaths and the sounds of the water are floating around in your head. Swimming does indeed drown out distractions and reduces your stress.

When it comes to exercise, you can choose to run, lift weights or enroll in a Crossfit class, or you can simply swim.