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How Exactly Does Swimming With A Swimming Harness Help Keep You Fit?

Posted by HomeSwimmer on

Swimming is one of the best exercises to do when you are wanting to stay physically fit. Sure we are a little biased because we LOVE swimming and we think that everyone should do it. So much so we came up with a harness that allows you to swim even in small pools. But swimming has been proven to be a complete cardio workout. We have talked before about how good swimming is for your health, both mentally and physically, but we haven’t really discussed how it helps you and your body.

Full Body Workout

According to WedMD, swimming allows you to get a full body workout. Since your body is having to stay parallel to the water you are strengthening your core. You use your arms and legs to propel you through the water. You can even get a solid workout for your back and glutes.

Strength Workout

When you swim you get a lot of different types of workouts all in one. One of those workouts would be a strength workout. The resistance from the water is about 12 times the level of air. If you are looking to do more resistance training, you can add paddles or a kickboard. Swimming is also a low-impact activity so you are able to burn calories and strengthen your muscles without having the pressure on your joints that you would get if you were running, for example.


Doctors say that if you are swimming, you should try to get in about two and a half hours a week to burn off enough calories to stay fit. Whether it is in a lap pool or a swimming harness, the exercise you get from being in the pool is substantial. While it is listed as a medium-intensity activity on WebMD, you can make the workout as hard or as easy as you want by adjusting the speed at which you are swimming.

If you want to start getting into shape by swimming but only have access to a small pool, the HomeSwimmer stationary swimming harness is the perfect tool for you. You can exercise and be able to swim in place. Pick one up for yourself today!