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Get The Explosive Muscles You Want With Our Swim Harness

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For all of you enthusiastic swimmers out there, we have the support you want and have always needed. We know it is hard to develop those impactful muscles that most swimmers are dying to have, the muscles that can explode on will, especially when a swimmer needs it the most. For many years and for most swimmers, the question has been, “how do I develop the explosive muscles I need to win races?” Well, after years of development and testing, we have manufactured a swim harness that can provide the resistance most swimmers need to develop the explosive muscles they want so badly.

Our swim harness is constructed of some of the highest quality materials available. You can use it in your home pool, gym pool, school pool, hotel pool etc. That’s how dynamically oriented and formatted our swim harness really is. It is without a doubt, a perfect attribution to a swimmers repertoire of tools and equipment they have at hand. Plus, you won’t need any tools to put this swim harness together. It is easily packable and unpackable, as it can be pulled out and put back in within 5 minutes. It was designed and developed to be used above-ground, outdoor, in-ground, and indoor pools.

Among all other stationary swim harnesses, this one seems to give the most comfortable and natural exercise for serious swimmers. Its effectively low-impact workout promotes proficiency levels greatly. This is a portable device and it offers a versatility to swim workouts that most other swim harnesses do not!