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Even if You Have a Small Pool, Best if You Utilize That Swim Harness and Enjoy the Benefits of Swimming All Year Round

Posted by Madwriter on

Let’s take a few moments to talk about the most universally known water activity; swimming. The benefits of swimming are widely known, and we see this in classes slated for babies, pregnant women and competitions for centurions. That’s right, there exists a swimming competition in which only those at or over the age of 100 can participate. Fitness guru Jack LaLanne, up until his death at age 96, would swim for an hour every day. Even if you have a small pool, best if you utilize that swim harness and enjoy the benefits of swimming all year round.

One of the biggest benefits swimming offers is in improved heart health. Studies indicate that stroke volume improves exponentially with a regular swimming regimen. When your heart grows strong, your circulation improves, certainly a win/win scenario.

Both recreational and competitive swimmers report that swimming not only relaxes them during the activity, but in the long term as well. That is, swimming is a great way to help reduce stress and increase a sense of well-being, resulting in improved moods and better sleep.

Lastly, being in the water is just plain fun. Who doesn't hold some fond memories about splashing around in the pool? Swimming isn't always about the health benefits, sometimes we just want to enjoy ourselves, and what better way to have fun than in a pool. We cannot think of a better family activity.

If you desire the benefits associated with swimming, but own a pool too small for laps, our Home Swimmer is the solution. Contact us for further details.