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Even if You are a Stationary Swimmer, These Styles Should be Part of Your Repertoire

Posted by Madwriter on

As a swimmer, you should learn as many different swimming techniques as possible as each of them will put your body in a different position as well as utilize different muscles. If you enjoy swimming for long periods of time, changing up positions will help decrease muscle fatigue. If you swim competitively, learning these swimming styles will give you a noted advantage. Even if you are a stationary swimmer, these styles should be part of your repertoire.

The front crawl, or freestyle stroke, is used by swimmers most often in freestyle events as it provides the fastest speed. This style calls for hard kicks with your feet while bringing your arms over your head and into the water one at a time. It is imperative that you keep your body straight as possible as lateral movements will slow your pace. You must also learn how to time your breaths with each alternate stroke.

The backstroke is very similar to the crawl, except you are floating on your back. Your arms are still coming down one at a time in a windmill motion as the legs continually kick. If your arms are not stroking with equal force, you will soon discover yourself swimming in circles.

The breaststroke is a style where your body bobs upward and downward as you propel yourself through the water. This style is a little more difficult to master and should not be chosen if you are a beginner.

The butterfly stroke is similar to the breaststroke and is just as difficult to master. In this style, your legs are held together and mimic the movements of a dolphin’s tail.

Learn these swimming styles to better enjoy your daily swim routine.