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Breathing Tips While Swimming Freestyle

Posted by HomeSwimmer on

The freestyle stroke is the fastest stoke that you can do in a pool. While it may seem like an easy stroke, breathing is one of the hardest thing to master, especially when you are trying to get your heart racing. At HomeSwimmer, we think that everyone should be able to get a good workout while swimming with a stationary harness so we want to give you some tips to help you master your breathing.

Exhale into the water

When you are swimming, you want to breathe as naturally as possible. You will want to inhale while your face is out of the water then exhale while your face is submerged. Many people try to hold their breath when they are swimming and that is the wrong thing to do. Holding your breath can cause you to need more time out of the water (and lightheaded).

Keep your head still

Many swimmers tend to wobble their head as their body rotates with each stroke. This can make you dizzy. A good tip to remember is keep your eyes focused on one spot in the pool and only turn your head to breathe.

Don’t lift your head

When you are just learning the stroke or are trying to perfect it, your first instinct may be to lift your head. Doing this causes your body to act like a see-saw and create extra drag which can cause you to tire more quickly. Instead, tilt your head to the side and breathe into the pocket of the wave you are creating.

There are many more tips that we can give you for when you are doing the freestyle stroke with your stationary swimming harness. Check back soon!