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Be Prepared To Get An Intense Workout With HomeSwimmer

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Since we have talked a lot about how great of a workout swimming is, with or without a swimming harness, we are sure that many people are going to get their cap and goggles and jump right in thinking that it will be an easy, yet great workout. This is what worries us. You may say to yourself that you will head to the pool and swim at a steady pace for a solid half hour and be on your way. If you are not used to swimming outright for more than a few minutes, you may surprised to find that you are exhausted after four minutes. But why?


Not surprisingly, when you are swimming, both your cardiovascular system and muscles will work differently than they do when they are on land. You have to adjust the way you breathe while you are swimming. Shockingly, you cannot take a breath anytime you want like you can when you are not in water. You also have to train all of the muscles in your body to work together instead of focusing on one muscle group.

Calorie Loss

When you run or lift weights or do whatever workout you can think of, calorie burning is a slow process. But with swimming, because you are using the majority of the muscles in your body, you are going to be burning calories at a much more rapid rate. You can burn up to 500 calories an hour just by doing an easy swim. Take it up a notch and you are looking at more than 700 calories an hour. That’s not all. Swimming helps you build lean muscle which kick starts your metabolism, meaning that you are going to be burning calories long after you’ve rinsed off the chlorine.

It is important to remember to take it easy until you figure out what your body can handle when it comes to swimming with your stationary swimmer and remember to make up for the lost calories. Pick up your HomeSwimmer today.