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Even if You are a Stationary Swimmer, These Styles Should be Part of Your Repertoire

As a swimmer, you should learn as many different swimming techniques as possible as each of them will put your body in a different position as well as utilize different muscles. If you enjoy swimming for long periods of time, changing up positions will help decrease muscle fatigue. If you swim competitively, learning these swimming [...]

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Will Training with a Stationary Swim Belt Reap Benefits for Baseball, Football and Basketball Players?

Swimming tends to be categorized as a unique method for training in part because of how the environment affects your body. For example, coordination in the water takes a whole different set of skills than coordination on dry land. But many athletes wonder if swimming training will benefit them for the land games they play. [...]

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Even if You Have a Small Pool, Best if You Utilize That Swim Harness and Enjoy the Benefits of Swimming All Year Round

Let’s take a few moments to talk about the most universally known water activity; swimming. The benefits of swimming are widely known, and we see this in classes slated for babies, pregnant women and competitions for centurions. That’s right, there exists a swimming competition in which only those at or over the age of 100 can participate. [...]

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With Our Stationary Swimmer, You Too Can Enjoy the Health Benefits that Large Pools Offer

As you sit there, fanning yourself because of the intense heat, will this finally be the year you break down and get that swimming pool? Sure, a pool is great, especially in those warm climates when the heat gets to you, but there are also many other benefits to owning a pool, even just a [...]

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Even if Your Pool is Rather Small in Size, Our Stationary Swim Belt Enables the Entire Family to Enjoy the Healthy Benefits of Swimming

The advantages to owning your very own swimming pool are quite well-known as it offers, among other benefits, hours of amusement right in your back yard. A pool in your backyard will also increase the value of your home. But perhaps the most important advantage offered by your backyard pool is the impressive health benefits [...]

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If You Desire to Swim, But Your Pool is Too Small to do Laps, Then Consider Our Swim Harness as an Alternative

Swimming can offer anyone at any age a generous range of health benefits. One of the bigger benefits swimming holds over other forms of exercise is the fact it gives you all the workout minus the damaging impacts. And if you desire to swim, but your pool is too small to do laps, then consider [...]

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Steps to Statically Swim

The variable resistance that you’ll experience and be able to manipulate yourself with this stationary swim belt, makes it all the more advantageous for you. So regardless of what type of strength or power you have as a swimmer right now, our system will provide you with a level of resistance that will best suit your [...]

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No Olympic-Sized Pool Required - Stationary Swimmer

One of the best workouts in the world is when a person gets in an Olympic-sized pool and just starts swimming laps. The pressure and resistance that your body endures as you’re swimming just a few laps is like doing a full 10 minute workout with dumbbells. In case you haven’t heard or seen, swimmers are some [...]

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The Swim Harness that's the Perfect Partner!

When it comes to fitness in the sport of swimming, it ranks near the top when compared to the next 50 popular sports. It takes the entire body to swim, not to mention the physics of it, which entails the amount of force needed to swim through water at fast speeds. Are you an aspiring [...]

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Strengthen Those Glutes - Stationary Swimmer

It’s time to develop those explosive muscles you’ve always wanted in the pool. That’s the only way you are truly ever going to be able to compete on a semi-professional to professional level. Since most people with this amount of ambition are young and upcoming in this field of competition, the finances to support such [...]

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